Upcoming Events:

Workshop: Intro to Autoencoders and Model Visualization

Date: 2023/05/29, 6:30pm

Location: UVic, ECS 124

Description: An interactive introduction to autoencoders and visualizations for testing model quality. Bring your laptop!

Presentation: Battlesnake Reinforcement Learning Project

Date: 2023/06/12, 6:30pm

Location: UVic, ECS 116

Description: A detailed project presentation on how we built and trained an RL agent to play battlesnake from scratch using an AlphaZero-like self play algorithm. This will be a great presentation to help people get involved with this project and any side projects stemming from it in the future.

AI Ethics Event

Date: 2023/11/(exact day TBD)

Location: Online

Description: An all day event with multiple speakers working within technical AI alignment, policy and governance, and adjacent fields of study. If you would like to get involved or present your research, please email us.

Past Events:

Workshop: Intro to Neural Networks

Date: 2023/03/28

Location: UVic, ECS 116

Description: A beginner-friendly workshop designed to help people with little to no prior machine learning experience build and train their first neural network.

Battlesnake Hackathon and Tournament

Date: 2023/03/10-11

Location: UVic, Hickman Building

Description: We organized and hosted Victoria’s official Battlesnake Tournament, where roughly 250 programmers across the city built their automated snake bots, then competed for over $2,000 in prizes.

Canadian Undergraduate Conference on AI

Date: 2023/03/4-5

Location: Kingston, Ontario

Description: The Canadian Undergraduate Conference on AI, CUCAI, was the largest undergraduate AI conference in Canada. Members from UVic AI attended the conference and presented our reinforcement learning battlesnake project, which we won the most innovative project award for.

Multi-speaker Event: AI Safety

Date: 2023/01/29

Location: Online

Description: We hosted an online AI Safety Event with guest speakers from OpenAI, AI Governance and Safety, and Effective Altruism.

Multi-speaker Event: AI in Victoria

Date: 2022/10/4

Location: Online

Description: A series of presentations on AI from active AI researchers and enthusiasts, from technical project showcasings to social impacts of art generating AI.