Mission Statement

The UVic AI Club is a university-based organization that facilitates students by providing space for those interested in artificial intelligence to learn, grow, and succeed along their educational journey. This is accomplished by offering guidance and direction through projects which expose members to situations more commonly found in the marketplace.

We promote a safe, open and inclusive workspace where students are encouraged to pursue their passion which bolsters their confidence and skill set in a fun and meaningful way.


The UVic AI Club is the cornerstone of artificial intelligence interest for students at the University of Victoria. Our mandate is to foster interest in AI research and to advocate for university programs which lead to degrees in AI disciplines.

The club was started in 2019 by a small group of dedicated students interested in pushing the boundaries of what the university had to offer in regards to artificial intelligence. We have been working towards our goals by writing software and collaborating with other clubs and organisations within the community.

We also participate in AI based competitions, theorise about practical AI solutions, and offer guidance for individuals interested in learning and improving their skills in AI programming.